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A New Day

I stayed off this blog for too long. But, hopefully, it's a new day for the nation. What we saw in the Capital building on January 6th was disappointing, but not surprising. We have a culture of hate and privilege that we must change. If we don't change, we will perish as a nation. America is an idea; an idea of freedom and of the way things could be. We should get down to the business of either making that idea a reality, or admit that government just doesn't work.

All through history we have example after example of government that doesn't work. Maybe we should learn something. Maybe we don't need to be governed, maybe we don't need to be led. Maybe we can lead ourselves, and govern ourselves, and take care of each other. And maybe we can do it a lot better than we have been doing it up till now.

DeJante` Jones

Author; The Anarchy Chronicles

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