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This week our writers were interviewed by…well, each other. It appears there are some really disturbing things happening in the world today, and they wanted to talk about it. Unfortunately, no one wanted to talk to them except each other. So, here goes;

DeJante` Jones (author of LoverBottoms and The Anarchy Chronicles: Hi, this week I’ll be interviewing Luis L’Orteca, author of, among other things, Recovery Man, Las Crueles, and coming soon Born Savage. Luis, how are you?

Luis L’Orteca: I’m a little upset about all the bat-shit crazy things going on, especially here in America, right now.

DeJante`: Yes, I can tell by the “Republicans Suck!” tee shirt you’re wearing. Care to tell us why you think the Republicans suck?

Luis: They have the oldest voting block in the country, people who are the most vulnerable, and they tell their voters NOT to get vaccinated. That sucks.

Dejante`: You may have a point. But, surely, there are some Democrats who didn’t get vaccinated. What about them?

Luis: If they had a good reason, then I get it. But when you go on TV and tell people that something that will prevent their death is bad for them, and actively try to get them to NOT save themselves, that sucks.

DeJante`: Well, Luis, let’s concede your point for a moment. But, as enlightened individuals, shouldn’t we have compassion for these people, who clearly don’t seem bright enough to even work in their own self-interest?

Luis: I’ve been thinking a lot about that, DeJante`, oh, and I love your name by the way. Does it have a special meaning?

DeJante`: Yes, it means it’s my name, and you should get to the fucking point.

Luis: That’s why I like you, DeJante`. Anyway, having compassion for people is always the thing I strive for. Even though I write gory novels about death and murder, I think we should be compassionate toward each other. But these people, they just go too far.

DeJante`: How do you mean?”

Luis: Let me ask you something; this guy Matt Walsh, who couldn’t get picked for a middle school basketball game by the worst kids in school, is giving Simone Biles a hard time because she stopped competing to focus on her mental health. He dogged her like she was a quitter or something. As a woman, what do you think of that?

DeJante`: I think that Simone should be applauded for taking care of herself. I think that if she were a man, especially a white man, she wouldn’t have had all the negative commentary she’s had to endure. I don’t think it’s fair. And I think Matt Walsh is probably still hurting from not being picked by that middle school crowd. He’s probably lashing out in a way that suggests he wounded, hurt, insecure, and most likely has a tiny penis.

Luis: So, you think he has some penis envy that makes him a mean-spirited, nasty person.

DeJante`: Yes.

Luis: Or to put it another way, it makes him a Republican.

DeJante`: And not only that, it seems that all the people who are too afraid to actually do anything seem to suddenly have a right to tell everyone what they should be doing, and how to do it. I mean, most of the FOX News commentators have no credentials, and certainly no credibility. But people listen to them.

Luis: Now, let’s not get into the quality of content debate, DeJante`. Everyone knows that only three people will read this blog entry, no matter how high the quality of this interview is. And you and I are two of them.

DeJante`: But it’s frustrating, Luis. The planet is in real trouble and it doesn’t matter what Jeff Bezos says or does, the rest of us have to live here.

Luis: Well, our friend Sathwik Thomas, the science brain of this little bunch, says that we shouldn’t worry about that too much.

DeJante~: Really? It’s a big problem, Luis. Why does he say that?

Luis: Because he says that this virus is smart, evolving faster than we can keep up with it, and its job is to figure out how to kill us. Sathwik says that the planet has a cure for the world’s problems; Get rid of us.

DeJante`: Oh my! That sounds rather drastic, do you think he’s right?

Luis: He’s at least as right as a FOX News commentator. Besides, a guy who wrote really brainy, cool stuff like The Door series and The Scientific Theory of Magic can’t be all wrong. He says some of us might survive, but not many.

DeJante`: Do you want to be one of the ones who survive, Luis?

Luis: Maybe, but only if the people who suck are all killed off. I know it’s not a compassionate position to take, but it’s a realistic one. I want to survive in a world that has some real values. Not the phony bullshit they’re selling these days.

DeJante`: What values do you think are important, Luis?

Luis: Honesty, keeping an open mind, being of service. Not just to people, but to everything. Respecting our place, the planet we live on. Having some integrity. I think we can learn how to be better, but not the way we’re doing it now.

DeJante`: I agree. I think we can start living with respect for ourselves and others and the world around us, but not as long as we keep chasing after money the way we do. Where can people learn more about how to live this life of values?

Luis: Well, right here at We have lots and lots of novels and interesting ideas that people can examine, and decide for themselves. The one thing I would want for everyone, is that they can start thinking for themselves and allowing truth and honor to guide them. I think they can learn how to do that here.

DeJante`: Is that a shameless self-promotion for our books, Luis?

Luis: Of course it is. I mean, while money isn’t everything, it does help pay the light bill. Besides, I would like people to read my stuff, wouldn’t you?

DeJante`: I would. I really would. And I know Sathwik would, too.

Luis: So, there you have it, readers. Shameless self-promotion and a hope that we can get our collective heads out of our collective asses before it’s too late for all of us. And PLEASE, buy something!

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