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Give it Up, Republicans

When you lose, whether you think you should have won or not, you need to acknowledge that you lost. Blaming the refs, blaming the fans, blaming the other players for cheating when there's not one bit of evidence that they actually cheated, is just petty and childish.

That's what Republicans are nowadays; petty, childish, sore losers.

So, I think the majority of good Republicans, you know, the ones who can still think for themselves, should do is form a third party. Since Trump has tainted the Republican party with a toxicity that will linger for years, do the obvious. Give 'em the party! The whole shootin' match. Let the white suprematists and the hate mongers have it. Let the QAnon kooks have it. Form a different party, give Americans an alternative to stupid, and allow the moderate, thinking class prevail with common sense and decency.

A third party right now makes perfect sense. A common sense party of decent people who believe in America would not only thrive, it would win majorities because there are many, many people in the Democratic party who want the same thing. They want moderate, common sense policy built on slow and steady progress that actually puts the American people first. A third party would explode with membership and be poised to win not only the next presidential election, but probably the mid-term elections too.

Americans are hungry for somebody to say, "We hear you. We want everyone to have a seat at the table and we want everyone to have a voice, and be taken care of". If well meaning Republicans, and there are many, would have the courage to do this and break away from the bad actors in the Republican party right now, they could attract the largest share of American voters of any bloc in recent history.

Bt all this hinges on one thing; integrity MUST BE RESTORED to American politics. We must do what we say we are going to do. We must return to the core values of honor, integrity, justice, and fairness. A third party right now, at this moment in American history, just might save the republic.

DeJante` Jones


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