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If the World Ends...

If the world ends, what will it look like? Where will we live, what will we eat? More importantly, will there be chocolate?

These are the important questions that the fear mongers don't want us to ask. You see, complete upheaval may not be so bad. It could be that we can face the loss of life as we know and continue with a life that may be even better. But what we know for sure is this; when one thing comes to an end, things will be different.

And different is good.

Let's look at it this way; we lose something that we think we need, something we rerally think we desire, and in losing it we believe we have lost our whole life. Our world comes to an end. It's terrible, we grieve, especially if we can't accept what happened and move on. And, in doing all this premature grieving, we close the door to other possibilities that may, just may, be even better than what we had.

Our lover cheats and we throw them out, and we're heartsick until we find an even better lover. But we never think to thank our lover for helping us move on to the next great thing. We get stuck where we are and refuse to move forward.

That may be what we do after this election. There is a lot on the line, democracy and freedom and the right to voice our opinion and all. But before we get completely overwhelmed by the thought of what we might lose, and especially before we deceive ourselves into thinking that we only have two choices, democracy or authoritarianism, let's take a beat. Think about it. Are there really only two choices?

Let's say the economy collapses. Sure, no more Starbucks. It will be a real blow. The loss of cell phones will certainly create anxiety. But nobody working for the good old minimum wage will lose much sleep over not having to punch the clock or take shit from their boss. Within no time the poor, who are used to getting by in hard times, will find a way to get by. Justice may rain down on the rich, privileged and entitled faster than if we try to bring justice around through our tedious slow system. Why, we might even re-evaluate this whole work ethic thing that has made most of us chase a buck into an early grave.

So, screw both parties and most politicians, and let's just roll the dice and see what happens. Tearing this whole thing down might be the best thing that ever happened to us.

Love ya,

De’Jante Jones

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