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Self Indulgence

I was just listening to a lady on the radio talk about her work as a blogger and a writer. What she writes about are things that she feels, things that happen, everyday life things that others identify with. And something clicked in me;

I don't write about those things.

So, I just want to take this opportunity to say some things about my writing, and I have the permission from the other two authors here at PurelyFiction who agree with me. We write because there are stories that need to be told. We're not looking to identify with a certain group, or to sell books to people who can see themselves on the pages because the story is a reflection of their lives. Those are nice, and necessary things for people to write and people to read. And, according to the radio program, they result in a high degree of book sales and internet traffic. I am deeply envious of both those things. So my first thought was, Maybe that's what I should do.

But I'm not, and neither are DeJante` or Luis. We write about people who may not have a thing in common with the reader. We want to take the reader to places where, when they imagine themselves in the pages, they are in a strange new land full of possibilities and wonder and excitement. And maybe they can find something about themselves in our characters and in our stories. If the reader allows themselves, they will. But if all a reader wants is the self-indulgence of seeing themselves reflected in yet another story about life, or to have their feelings validated without challenge, then PurelyFiction may disappoint.

I have absolutely nothing against this woman or her brand of writing. There is a lot of it today, and commercially it's very successful. I am properly jealous of this fact. We all are here at PurelyFiction. But we want to write different stories, challenging stories, stories that push boundaries, and mostly we want to write stories that make a reader think. That's our goal.

So, if you're still reading all the way to here, you must be interested in the challenge. We hope you are. But no matter what you like to read, just keep reading.


Sathwik Thomas

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