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Starve Koch to Death!

When Charles Koch concedes that “Boy, did we screw up.” In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, we can see that even the purveyors of hate and major control freaks are freaked out about the state of the United States.

Koch spent decades trying to mold America into what he wanted it to be. He found plenty of others willing to help him do it. They professed “America is a Republic, not a Democracy” for years. And here is where it got us.

“Boy, did we screw up.”

The conservative right gave birth to the radical right. Then they armed them, sanctioned their crimes, militarized the police force, and allowed radical ideas to become something our recent president claims is “good people on both sides.” Make no mistake, hateful people are NOT good people. They are hateful people. Koch and his ilk created a rabid dog they can no longer control. And they are frightened.

It’s time that we stop allowing the conservative right to strip America of freedom. America is a democracy, and our system needs fixed. If we can’t fix it, others will destroy it.

Police are to keep the peace, not become soldiers terrorizing citizens. We have corruption and rot through every level of the police, and we need to root it out. Congress is no different. It has become a corrupt body of opportunistic individuals who care nothing for the ideal of America, they care only for themselves.

True patriots, true Americans, will be those in shirtsleeves who say “this is enough”. Charles Koch got rich taking advantage of a corrupt system that wouldn’t have worked for him if his skin would have been any darker color than it is. These pitiful little men who call themselves heroes are merely paper tigers who are now cowering in fear of the very dog they created. Real Americans will tame the dog and send it back to its kennel. Koch and his kind aren’t real Americans, they are a poor imitation.

Donald Trump will come out of the White House, there will be no more occupancy of the executive branch by a pale imitation of a real American. But let’s not fool ourselves. Trump wasn’t the problem. He’s not powerful enough to be the real problem. It’s us who are the problem. We have to be honest enough to understand that when we allow people like Koch and Trump power, it’s our fault. They can have no power unless we grant it. They have no control unless we give it. And they can have no more influence unless we allow it.

Take away our acceptance of their pitiful little message, and they are nothing. Take away food from the dog, and it becomes a mewling beggar for scraps. It’s time for the dog to go back to its cage.

De’Jante Jones

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