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Texas; A Big Place Full of Small Minds

It is very sad to hear that the big, brave men of Texas are so afraid that a woman might make up her own mind about her own body, her own future, and the future of any children she might decide to have. In fact, the Texas legislature is so afraid of women making their own choice that they are preventing it. Imagine, men afraid of girls.

But that's exactly it. Men are afraid women will make intelligent decisions and start living their own lives without the permission of their men-folk. Scares the crap out of them. And that fear has effectively rendered all abortion access illegal in the state of Texas, and the weak-kneed conservatives on the Supreme Court are going along with them. It's a disgrace.

But instead of repealing this legislation, I have a suggestion for MORE legislation. I'm borrowing this from an excellent idea that a Mormon woman writer came up with; Let's give all fifteen-year-old boys vasectomies. That's right, let's pass some legislation that says the boys, who are a big part of unwanted pregnancies, have to have a vasectomy when they become sexually active. This ensures that the poor women of Texas won't have to worry their pretty little heads about abortion, because the boys won't be able to spread sperm where it's not wanted. Vasectomies can be reversed with great success, so it's not like the men couldn't have children, after they have committed to a partner who is willing to raise children.

Of course, we're playing catch-up here. We would also need legislation to snip the vas of every male down to the age of about fifteen. That includes the lawmakers who want to control the choices women make. Line them up, drop your pants, boys, and don't worry, we'll use a microscope to find that annoying little member that appears to be causing all the trouble. After all, you dickless wonders with no balls who are so frightened of women that you have to stack the deck against them at every turn, we know we'll have trouble finding your manhood. But even you short-dick no courage momma's boys can cause an unwanted pregnancy.

One more piece of legislation is needed, too. Since anyone assisting an abortion can be arrested, I think anyone assisting an unwanted pregnancy should be arrested. Arrested, sued, tar-and-feathered, whatever it takes to get the point across. And that point is;



DeJante` Jones

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