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The Rats Desert the Sinking Ship

It really doesn't matter who wins this election, Biden or Trump, because either way we will see what our legislators are really made of. We will see Republicans, who only want to hold onto power, distance themselves from the loser, align with the winner, and pander after those who can keep them in power. They will wait until after Inauguration Day, and start talking about who they were either "right about this all along" or "I knew this would happen and tried to warn people". The folks in elected office or really nothing more that power brokers, power seekers, people who a thirst of power and more power and will literally say anything to get and hold onto power.

We will see Democrats try to build their own power structure. We will see propaganda the likes of which would make the Kremlin blush coming from both sides. We will see the myth that America has built called the Two Party System continue to erode democracy and make the United States the laughing stock of the world. We will not be able to raise an army that will fight for their country, because their won't be a country worth fighting for.

We are watching, in slow motion horror, the result of losing integrity and honesty. We are watching, in agony, the demise of everything that came before now. When people have nothing to believe in except power, they have nothing to believe in. Power is an illusion. It only exists if we agree to it. Hopefully, the day is coming when we will no longer agree.

America as we know it may not survive that day. But maybe something can be created that will be better.

De’Jante Jones

author of "The Anarchy Chronicles"

coming soon from

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