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Who's Eating Cake?

The present Congress, in all their ineptitude, has chosen to ignore the plight of the ordinary citizen during this time of pandemic. They are taking a very “Let them eat cake” attitude. They have taken their ball and stomped home because they didn’t get their way. And they continue to blame, and blame, and blame others because they just can’t do their jobs.

So, when people realize that the economy could have been saved if Congress had taken timely action, and maybe the suffering wouldn’t have been so great, they will remember. They will remember that they lost their home or their job, or both, because Congress didn’t act. They will remember they lost a loved one to a pandemic, because Congress wouldn’t act. And they will tell their story.

They will tell their story, of their loss and grief, that no one who could have helped them wanted to help them. They will tell this story of abandonment and neglect over and over to children and grandchildren, who in turn will tell the story to children and grandchildren. And with each telling their will be more anger in the story. More hate in the story. More contempt for the cowardice of the people in Congress who failed to do their job.

Congress of the United States, you have done this to yourself. We won’t be eating cake. We’ll be eating you and your children, and your grandchildren, and on and on. You’ve doomed yourself, and you have no one else to blame.

De’Jante Jones

Author of “The Anarchy Chronicles”

Coming soon from

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