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Who Works Here?

If I had the opportunity to speak to the Congress of the United States the way a citizen should have the opportunity to speak to the Congress of the United States, this might be how it would sound;

Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed colleges, lawmakers, and overseers of tax dollars, thank you for indulging me, a common citizen. I would like to start out by asking a question,

"Is anybody working here?"

Because if you worked for me you wouldn't have a job. Wait! You do work for me! You work for me and every other citizen of this nation. You are expected to pass laws and make decisions that protects my best interests. The best interest of the common citizen. And yet, you go home early, you only work part of the time, you take breaks for weeks at a time, and when you vote you don't ask me a damn thing. When I write to you I get a form letter. And when I disagree with you I get a dozen bullshit reasons why I'm wrong.

Well, get this straight; you've done a terrible job. Your customer satisfaction is in negative numbers, your attitude stinks, you can't get along with your co-workers, and all you can do is keep putting off making a decision about anything. Worse, you spend money like there's no tomorrow while taking every last dime from poor people so you can give it to the wealthy. Then, instead of letting the banks do without you give them more money and tell me I have to pay it back. You have a terrible performance record, you spend most of your time trying to get re-elected so you can continue doing the same terrible job, and if anyone suggests you be limited to how many terms you can serve you call them unpatriotic. Let me tell you, you're unpatriotic.

How long do you think this can go on? What happens when you've taken so much, taken everything poor people have to give, taken the dignity of the common person for granted, taken the lives of those you're supposed to defend, what happens then? Do we just go out and find a new crop of people to roll over and give you what you want?

No, that's not what happens. What happens is this; once this rigged system gets bad enough, and once you push a little too hard, it all falls down. It comes apart at the seams, and people set things on fire. When the common person don't have nuthun, Congress, they ain't got nuthun to lose! So push us a little harder, fuck your job up a little more, and see what happens. You may realize you work for us, after all.

Luis L'Orteca

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