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Joe Grady wasn’t Joe Grady at all, but a recently released patient from a mental institution who swapped identities with the real Joe Grady. But this is only where the story starts. The new Joe takes the identity of a basketball coach and a teacher who has no intention of coaching or teaching. Joe doesn’t know how to exist in a world he hasn’t been a part of for most of his life, but finds himself surrounding by other misfits who, while they don’t know him, grow to love him and take care of him.

                Joe was a basketball star in high school, and still loves the game. He just doesn’t care about winning games. This paradox becomes the basis for possibly the best coached basketball team in Indiana basketball history; a team that plays one play at a time, and lets the outcome of the game develop by itself. Joe’s coaching style is so radical it propels his team to a real winning streak, drawing attention to the improbable team that is co-ed, has a math genius who calculates the probabilities of shots before he takes them, some players who speak English as a second language, and a girl who needs special sports bras sewn for her by her Home Ec teacher.

                There’s an oversexed principle, a math teacher who delights in leaving Joe sandwiches in his desk, and a love interest who likes Joe’s curious way of seeing the world. Coach is about opening our mind to people we would usually ignore, and seeing the world through their eyes.

Coach by DeJante` Jones

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