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Pink Sugar

Jason has to follow a very dark trail indeed in order to find Sonja, who has been kidnapped by evil forces that answer to Nathaniel, the monster responsible for the world’s addiction problems. Jason finds himself in a place of dark magic, and infinite lies. Nothing is what it seems, and for a while Jason is tempted to stop fighting Nathaniel, and stop looking for Sonja.

                This episode takes a look at the inner battle of addiction, the struggle that happens inside each and every addict as they battle with the ultimate enemy; themselves. It takes place in an alternate world call Aon Rud, a place of deception, guilt, and monotony that threatens to devour Jason before he can come to his senses. How Jason got to this place is the real mystery. What could have lured him into such a dangerous spot?

                The answer is A Mother’s Love. Like all love, there is a dangerous side to it, and Sonja falls into a sinister trap set by a troll who disguises itself as Sonja’s long-lost mother. The troll tricks Sonja into believing it is the only person who loves Sonja, and convinces her that Jason is the bad guy and the danger, and if Sonja will just go along with it this troll disguised as a loving mother will cherish Sonja the way she has always wanted her mother to cherish her.

                It’s all a lie, of course, a ruse to convince Sonja that this imp, this troll, can be everything Sonja wants from a mother. When in reality, all the troll wants is to destroy and confuse and take Sonja’s life a little bit at a time. And torture Jason in the bargain.

                The lying, manipulating little troll is addiction personified, and Aon Rud is the special hell that addicts everywhere find themselves in during active use. This episode shows us, in comic form, just how confusing, deceitful, and dangerous, the maze of addiction can be, and why it is so hard for addicts to find their way out of it.

                Will Jason and Sonja survive? Will they ever get back to Earth? Read on, and find out for yourself, before you end up in a place like Aon Rud!

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