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The showdown between Jason and the evil witch Leigheas ended with both of them running from the cops, and the forces of nature giving them an ultimatum. But Sonja is still not convinced, and is still under the intoxicating control of the witch Leigheas.

                The same way that drugs convince us they are our friend while trying to kill us, Leigheas is killing Sonja a piece at a time. While Leigheas won’t give up control over Sonja without a fight, Jason won’t give up on the girl he loves, either.

                We see in this episode the healing power of love, and the real power that addiction cannot take away from us; the ability to see the truth if we just open our mind to it.

                Jason can’t do this alone, however. He has to find powerful friends who risk their lives to help him on his mission, and to save Sonja and their friends from a fate worse than death.

                But what will Sonja choose? Will she continue to be deceived, allowing Leigheas to control her? Or will she see a screaming banshee from hell as her real mother? Only love can sort this out. And is there enough love to stop something as powerful as the lies Leigheas can tell?

                This episode sets the stage for the final showdown between Nathaniel and Jason, as the forces of nature clash with the forces of Voudoun to paint a landscape of turmoil and danger like the world has never seen. Don’t miss an episode!

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