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Pink Sugar

Even undead Voudoun soldiers can fall in love. Jason meets Sonja, a beautiful young girl who has led a horrific life with her drug dealing father. The father, a man pretty high in the drug world hierarchy, has abused this girl to the point of changing her into something that even Jason has a hard time understanding.

                The girl’s mother is long absent, a possible victim of her father’s murderous rage. The mother was a drug user who Sonja believes abandoned her to her sadistic and twisted father and his criminal associates. After growing up in these horrible conditions, the repeated victim of the perverse whims of her father and his criminal associates, Sonja is ready for something different.

                Jason turns out to be as different as anyone could be. Sonja finds this undead man a knight in shining armor, a savior who is cold to the touch, with glowing red eyes, gray skin, and amazing strength and agility. A man who just might be able to save her from a life that Sonja feels has abandoned her.

                Don’t miss this episode, and find out if the dead can love again!

copy of Recovery Man: Sonja Adult Version

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