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Pink Sugar

 Our hero finds himself sneaking into a Voudoun witch’s house to steal something for a scary figure named Nathaniel. Little does he know that he is soon to become DEAD! But the adventure only starts there, as our hero gradually becomes Recovery Man, with the sole mission of ridding the world of addiction once and for all.

                Jason, our hero, is caught by a woman named Matilda, a powerful Voudoun witch who can not only freeze Jason in his tracks, she also can kill him, bring hm back to life, and use him as a messenger. But once the message is delivered, Jason is supposed to die for good. But he doesn’t. There is an even greater force, a force of nature, that calls him back for a bigger job, one that requires him to meet many people in a hunt for the end to mankind’s scourge; addiction.

                Jason discovers over time that the real battle is for control of three sacred objects; three things that, once they are all together, can give whoever controls them unlimited power. The struggle for these objects may determine whether or not humanity will survive, or just be slaves to addiction forever.

                Jason starts by trying to find human drug dealers, the scum of the Earth, and force them to lead him to the one called Nathaniel. Jason doesn’t know if Nathaniel is human or not, but soon discovers that there are many creatures in the world who are not quite human, and many worlds where humanity is not in charge at all. It is a strange journey into and out of the oblivion of addiction, the violence, confusion and chaos of the addicted lifestyle, and pure magic of Voudoun.

                There is Octavio the Hound from Hell, Gloria the banshee mother, Leighas the evil troll witch, a Samurai who can’t be killed, the Ridire Dubh who is the greatest force of nature, and many other creatures and humans from the dark underbelly of the sinister world of addiction.

                But can Jason do it? Can he stop addiction in it’s tracks? Can he save all the people he left behind because of his own addiction? Is it possible?


                These are the questions Recovery Man  explores. With twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat, make sure you don’t miss any episodes. This ten-part series will take you to a world that you never knew existed!

copy of Recovery Man: Voudoun Adult Version

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