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Pink Sugar

The saga of Aon Rud continues with Jason being beaten daily by creatures great and small, in a chaotic world of deception and deceit. Jason meets the mheabhlaireacht, who speak an ancient language and have only one purpose, to lie and deceive.

                Jason begins a mind-numbing daily grind of listening to deception, believing the deceit, being beaten down, feeling guilt, becoming angry, being beaten more, and then doing it all over again. But Jason decides he’s had enough, and continues his search for Sonja, who is in the clutches of an evil troll who has tricked Sonja into believing that the troll is her long-lost mother.

                The strange and frightening world of Aon Rud comes alive in this episode where Jason finds himself close to losing Sonja forever, and losing herself to the lies of the mheabhlaireacht. Jason realizes that he must take drastic measures if he is to ever leave Aon Rud, and even more drastic measures if he is to save Sonja.

                Whatever it takes, Jason will not allow his love to suffer the lies and deception, and eventually the death and destruction, of the evil mheabhlaireacht. Jason finds a way to bring back Sonja’s real mother to Earth in order to confront the evil troll named Leigheas. But Sonja’s mother is a banshee from hell, and the forces of nature are pretty peeved when Jason and his friend the giant violate all the rules of nature to try to convince Sonja that the troll is not her real mother.

                A giant hole in the universe opens up, and Jason is forced to find allies in other Voudouns who must help him continue his battle against addiction, and save Sonja in the bargain.

                This episode brings the world as we know it in direct confrontation with the evil world of addiction; a dark place that only those who visit it can understand how truly awful it can be.

                Will Jason convince Sonja she has been fooled? Will the tear in the universe close up? What will the forces of nature do to Jason for violating all the rules of nature?

                Read on, it only gets better from here.

Recovery Man: Gloria Young Adult Version

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