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The powerful Voudoun witch Matilda, the one responsible for turning Jason into an undead soldier, holds the key to the final battle with Nathaniel, the one responsible for all the death and destruction that addiction causes. Matilda has one of the sacred objects that Nathaniel needs in order to gain all the power of the universe. And Jason is determined to use this object to lure Nathaniel out of hiding.

                It’s a gamble, but Jason wants revenge on Matilda as much as he wants to stop Nathaniel. The risk is in bringing all three objects together in one place at the same time. Jason and his band of mystics and close friends devise a clever, but extremely dangerous, plan to lure both Nathaniel and Matilda out of hiding by bringing the objects together. The real problem; one of the objects is buried under Niagara Falls.

                Matilda and her hell-hound, Octavio, have no intention of allowing Nathaniel anywhere close to these objects. Matilda is so powerful, and so vengeful, that she turned her husband, the only man she ever loved, into the hound who now follows her everywhere and obeys every command. Love is not the first thing Matilda feels in the morning.

                You will meet Athnuachan, the samurai who can’t be killed, and introduced to the complex and enlightening concept of choice. While Athnuachan cannot be killed, can he live with his regret and shame? Or can he choose something entirely different, and free himself from this life once and for all?

                Octavio is a powerful man-turned-dog creature who has already tried to kill Jason once, and would like nothing more than to chew his bones like a rubber squeak toy. Octavio, and the fact that the sacred object is buried below the most thunderous waterfall in the world, mean that the little band who would save the world has their work cut out for them. But who will prevail?

                Read on, to see if Matilda and her hound from hell can vanquish our hero, or if Jason can overcome the odds and rid the Earth of the most powerful Voudoun witch who ever lived.

Recovery Man: Matilda YA Version

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