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Every good superhero, or undead Voudoun soldier in this case, needs a side-kick. Recovery Man is no different. But the side-kick Jason finds is no ordinary side-kick super-hero wanna-be. Jason finds Janine, a street corner junkie trying to peddle enough dope to pay for her own habit, and doing a terrible job of it.

                Jason discovers Janine right after someone robs her of her drugs and money. Jason stops the robber, then gives Janine her stuff back in exchange for information about the drug dealer he is looking for. Jason is following one clue after another, working his way slowly up the food chain in order to find Nathaniel, the mysterious figure who Jason believes is behind all the addiction in the world. If Jason can find Nathaniel, and stop him, humanity can be saved from the horrors of addiction once and for all.

                So Jason convinces Janine to help him get close to the next drug dealer in the food chain, and she agrees after seeing just a little of the amazing things Jason can do. But Janine is scared, and bungles the job, and soon they are finding themselves in a fight for their lives.

                Jason’s gymnastic ability, his speed and strength, can keep him from getting shot, but can he keep Janine from getting killed? Jason and Janine begin a bond that can become great friendship, or end in great tragedy.

                The drug dealers that Janine and Jason find are quickly starting to realize that whoever Jason is, he’s powerful enough to cause some real trouble. They begin to get scared, and stories start to circulate about a guy who can get shot and not die, who can walk through fire and live, and who can throw grown men around like rag dolls in order to get what he wants.

                Jason also realizes that fear is a weapon, and uses subtle tricks like showing people his glowing red eyes, and whispering what he will do to them if they don’t cooperate. Jason discovers that fear is an even more powerful weapon that his strength or agility.

                Find out if Janine survives, and what Jason does to the people who stand between him, and ridding the world of addiction once and for all.

Recovery Man: PartnerYoung Adult Version

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