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The final episode. In this grand finale Jason and Nathaniel finally deal with Matilda, and come face to face with Nathaniel. They discover the real reason that Nathaniel hates humanity enough to curse it with addiction, and why the evil of addiction is so terrible, and so deadly.

                This episode forces us to look at things from a different light. Not from revenge or resentment, of which Jason has plenty, but from logic and reason and compassion. Jason finds that the one weapon he has against Nathaniel is compassion, and forgiveness. But can he hold himself back enough to use them? And if he does, will it save the world from addiction?

                This episode is the battle to end all battles, with even the Earth opening up to swallow Jason and his friends alive. Can they stop Nathaniel before he gains all three of the sacred objects, and destroys the world forever? Read on, we saved the best for last!!

Recovery Man: Redemption YA Version

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