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Every superhero must face a supervillain, right? Jason finally runs into the sinister side of the world of addiction, and finds out just how powerful it can be. In this episode, Jason  battles a shadowy character named Tsunami, who can command the elements of water. When they finally meet, Jason realizes that while he can’t be killed with a bullet, he still needs to breathe.

                Jason almost drowns, and when he comes to, he finds out that Sonja has been kidnapped!

                What is the connection between Nathaniel, the criminal who drives addiction and seems to command all the drug trade in the world, and Tsunami? How does a drug dealer know a supernatural criminal like this one? And how does Tsunami have the power to control the very sea itself?

                This is Jason’s first encounter with the truly supernatural side of addiction, and he begins to realize what a dangerous game he is playing. And now, the only girl who could love an undead Voudoun soldier is missing. How will Jason find her? How can he get her back?

                And most importantly, what is going to happen to Sonja in the meantime?

                Read on, and don’t miss an episode of the chronicles of the undead soldier Recovery Man.

Recovery Man: Tsunami Young Adult Version

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